Архива за децембар, 2008


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Uvodna epizoda – pad aviona

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Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, a commercial airliner flying from Sydney to Los Angeles, breaks apart in mid-air and is strewn across a seemingly deserted tropical island in the South Pacific, with forty-eight survivors of the initial crash. Mysterious roars are heard from the jungle and trees are found knocked over. Jack, Kate and Charlie set out into the jungle to find the cockpit of the airplane so they can send out a distress signal using the plane’s transceiver. They also find the co-pilot, who survived the crash, but is soon killed by the mysterious „monster“. A flashback shows Jack on the plane.

Intervju sa Matthew Foxom

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Uskoro i 5. sezona

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Benjamin Linus

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  • The leader of the Others
  • Ordered Goodwin and Ethan to infiltrate the survivor camps for information


  • Captured by Rousseau and believed to be an Other
  • Turned over to Sayid, who held him prisoner in the Swan station
  • Claimed to be Henry Gale from Minnesota and crashed on the island four months ago with his wife; told Sayid his wife died after getting sick
  • Sayid did not believe him and savagely beat him to get the truth
  • Drew a map to his balloon and wife’s grave for Ana Lucia
  • Implied that if he were an Other, the map would lead Ana Lucia to a trap and his people would capture her
  • Helped Locke get out from under the blast doors
  • Claimed to have entered the code into the computer
  • Confronted by Sayid and Ana Lucia with the truth: they found his balloon but the grave contained the body of the real Henry Gale
  • Claimed that the real Henry Gale’s neck was broken when his body was found
  • Sayid revealed a note scrawled on a $20 bill that Henry Gale had written to his wife; he wasn’t dead when he was found
  • Tried to choke and kill Ana Lucia; told her the two Others she killed were good people
  • Set free by Michael after Michael killed Ana Lucia and Libby and shot himself in the shoulder to make it appear like Henry Gale did it
  • Revealed to be the leader of the Others
  • Told Michael the Others are the good guys
  • Held Jack, Kate and Sawyer prisoners and took them away
  • Revealed to Jack the Others can leave the island.
  • Offered to take Jack home if Jack does what Ben wants

Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes

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  • Won $156 million lottery with numbers from patient in a mental institution: 4 8 15 16 23 42
  • Suffered from bad luck after win: grandfather died, new house burned, mom broke foot
  • Bought the box company Locke works for with his winnings
  • Traced the numbers to another unlucky man in Australia
  • Almost missed the flight, but tenaciously made it on board in spite of several omens warning him to stay off the plane


  • His laid-back humor keeps the survivors’ spirits up
  • Secretly believes his bad luck caused crash
  • Owes Walt $20,000 for losing in backgammon
  • Developed two-hole island golf course
  • Took census revealing Ethan Rom wasn’t on plane
  • Panicked when he saw the winning numbers on the mysterious hatch right before Locke blew it open

James ‘Sawyer’ Ford

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  • Watched parents die in murder/suicide after being swindled out of their life savings by a con man named „Sawyer“
  • Obsessed with hunting down the original „Sawyer“ for revenge; holds him responsible for his parents’ deaths
  • Became a con man himself and adopted Sawyer’s name
  • Tried the suitcase con on a woman, Cassidy, who turned the tables on him; made him teach her how to con; fell in love with her
  • Forced to double-cross Cassidy and steal over $600,000 from her or his partner in the con, Gordy, would kill him
  • Encountered Jack’s father in an Australian bar
  • Killed the wrong man thinking he was „Sawyer“
  • Deported from Australia for head-butting the Minister of Agriculture


  • Good ol’ Southern boy who plays all the angles and hoards the medical supplies, booze, sunscreen, and guns
  • Stubbornly allowed Sayid to torture him to prove a point
  • Flirted hot and heavy with Kate
  • Thought a boar specifically targeted him
  • Bought his way onto raft with hoarded supplies
  • Shot by Walt’s kidnappers during the Others’ attack on raft
  • Mistakenly thought to be Others by Ana Lucia and Tailies and imprisoned in the tiger trap
  • Fell unconscious from the infection of the gun shot wound
  • Nursed back to health by Kate
  • Referred to everyone by nicknames he gives them
  • Has read many books on the island, including Watership Down, A Wrinkle in Time, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, Bad Twin, and Lancelot
  • Devised the long con to gain control over all the guns
  • Squashed a tree frog to stop its croaking that kept him awake
  • Attacked by Hurley for calling him names and teasing him about his weight
  • Had sex with Ana Lucia
  • Confessed to Jack that Jack was the closest thing to a friend he had on the island
  • Convinced by Michael to help him attack the Others and free Walt but double-crossed by Michael
  • Captured by the Others
  • Held captive in cages in part of the Hydra station
  • Attempted an escape after Karl picked the lock to his cage but was captured and returned
  • Figured out how to work the machine in his cage and received some food, which he shared with Kate