Benjamin Linus


  • The leader of the Others
  • Ordered Goodwin and Ethan to infiltrate the survivor camps for information


  • Captured by Rousseau and believed to be an Other
  • Turned over to Sayid, who held him prisoner in the Swan station
  • Claimed to be Henry Gale from Minnesota and crashed on the island four months ago with his wife; told Sayid his wife died after getting sick
  • Sayid did not believe him and savagely beat him to get the truth
  • Drew a map to his balloon and wife’s grave for Ana Lucia
  • Implied that if he were an Other, the map would lead Ana Lucia to a trap and his people would capture her
  • Helped Locke get out from under the blast doors
  • Claimed to have entered the code into the computer
  • Confronted by Sayid and Ana Lucia with the truth: they found his balloon but the grave contained the body of the real Henry Gale
  • Claimed that the real Henry Gale’s neck was broken when his body was found
  • Sayid revealed a note scrawled on a $20 bill that Henry Gale had written to his wife; he wasn’t dead when he was found
  • Tried to choke and kill Ana Lucia; told her the two Others she killed were good people
  • Set free by Michael after Michael killed Ana Lucia and Libby and shot himself in the shoulder to make it appear like Henry Gale did it
  • Revealed to be the leader of the Others
  • Told Michael the Others are the good guys
  • Held Jack, Kate and Sawyer prisoners and took them away
  • Revealed to Jack the Others can leave the island.
  • Offered to take Jack home if Jack does what Ben wants

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