Архива за Sawyer

James ‘Sawyer’ Ford

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  • Watched parents die in murder/suicide after being swindled out of their life savings by a con man named „Sawyer“
  • Obsessed with hunting down the original „Sawyer“ for revenge; holds him responsible for his parents’ deaths
  • Became a con man himself and adopted Sawyer’s name
  • Tried the suitcase con on a woman, Cassidy, who turned the tables on him; made him teach her how to con; fell in love with her
  • Forced to double-cross Cassidy and steal over $600,000 from her or his partner in the con, Gordy, would kill him
  • Encountered Jack’s father in an Australian bar
  • Killed the wrong man thinking he was „Sawyer“
  • Deported from Australia for head-butting the Minister of Agriculture


  • Good ol’ Southern boy who plays all the angles and hoards the medical supplies, booze, sunscreen, and guns
  • Stubbornly allowed Sayid to torture him to prove a point
  • Flirted hot and heavy with Kate
  • Thought a boar specifically targeted him
  • Bought his way onto raft with hoarded supplies
  • Shot by Walt’s kidnappers during the Others’ attack on raft
  • Mistakenly thought to be Others by Ana Lucia and Tailies and imprisoned in the tiger trap
  • Fell unconscious from the infection of the gun shot wound
  • Nursed back to health by Kate
  • Referred to everyone by nicknames he gives them
  • Has read many books on the island, including Watership Down, A Wrinkle in Time, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, Bad Twin, and Lancelot
  • Devised the long con to gain control over all the guns
  • Squashed a tree frog to stop its croaking that kept him awake
  • Attacked by Hurley for calling him names and teasing him about his weight
  • Had sex with Ana Lucia
  • Confessed to Jack that Jack was the closest thing to a friend he had on the island
  • Convinced by Michael to help him attack the Others and free Walt but double-crossed by Michael
  • Captured by the Others
  • Held captive in cages in part of the Hydra station
  • Attempted an escape after Karl picked the lock to his cage but was captured and returned
  • Figured out how to work the machine in his cage and received some food, which he shared with Kate